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Text Adventures

Today we're going to start playing with the Text Adventures site. You will need to go to this site and create an account there.

  1. Once you're logged in, click the CREATE tab and pick CREATE A GAME online.
  2. Under the CREATE heading, on the pull down menu pick GAMEBOOK and then press the CREATE button.
  3. What you're going to do is to build a "create your own adventure style game." You will need to plan this out or storyboard it. The storyboard is worth 5 marks.
  4. Your plan should show that you've got 10 different levels to your story. They should logically end up in not more than three different endings. In other words, while stories will branch off from each other, they will also need to rejoin each other.
  5. Each room in levels 1 through 8 should have at least two options that lead to different story lines.
  6. How do you get marks?
    • 20 marks available.
    • Each room that has less than two exits= -1 mark per room
    • Each ending more than three = - 1 mark per ending
  7. Pretty simple, eh?
James Dykstra,
Mar 17, 2015, 7:01 AM