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Before you begin your Stop Motion Animation assignment, you will need to storyboard your tale like in your earlier assignment.

  1. Your storyboard should have at least 10 frames.
  2. It should be neatly drawn. This means you cannot create your storyboard in just a few seconds. It will take at least 30 or 40 minutes to do it.
  3. At the same time, this is not meant to be an assignment that takes days. You should be able to do this in a class period once you've decided on your story.
  4. You will probably need a line or two to explain each panel in your storyboard.
  5. Include an estimate in each panel of how long you think the action there will take.
  6. This is worth five fairly easy marks.
  7. This site provides good storyboard papers.


At least 10 frames (2)

Neat, tidy and elegant. (2)

Brief explanation below each panel (3)

Estimate of time for each section (3)