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A Virtual Museum


You are going to create a virtual building on PowerPoint/Google Sheets and set up the links so you can travel from room to room.
  1. For this assignment you are going to create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 20 different slides.
  2. Start up PowerPoint and create a blank first slide.
  3. Using the shape tools, create a wall with a hallway extending down it.
  4. You can put doors on either side, and maybe one at the end, too.
  5. You are going to create hyperlinks between the slides.
  6. Your doors or other text can serve as the hyperlinks.
  7. On each page, at least one object that you've drawn should be a hyperlink. The other link may be in text form or a drawn object.
  8. Each slide will hyperlink to at least two other slides. So rooms can link back to the hallway and to other rooms. Not all room are necessarily accessible from the hallway.
  9. Each slide should have some information such as facts, or a picture or two that is "on the wall" of the room.

Creating Hyperlinks Between Slides

  1. To create hyperlinks between slides, you need to have more than one slide created. This sounds obvious, but it is surprisingly not.
  2. On the slide where the hyperlink starts, create the object you want people to click on. It might also be a picture instead.
  3. Make sure your object is highlighted.
  4. Under the Insert Tab, pick Hyperlink in PowerPoint, or Link in Slides.
    • On this new menu in PowerPoint, make sure you've picked Place In This Document.
    1. In Slides pick Slides in this presentation and pick the appropriate slide.
  5. Once you've done this, click Okay.
  6. It's that easy.
James Dykstra,
Feb 27, 2015, 6:42 AM