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Final PowerPoint Assignment

Create a PowerPoint Presentation.


  1. Pick an idea or topic.
    • This topic will be presented to the class so try to make it something at least slightly interest.
    • It should, of course, be in incredibly good taste.
  2. Consider who your audience is.
    • What things interest them?
    • What colors do they like?
    • What sort of animated effects appeal to them?
  3. Your presentation should have at least 10 slides.
  4. Each slide should have a colored background or template.
  5. There should be at least one link from one slide to a web site.
  6. You should have more than one element on most of your slides.
    • In other words, you should have some text in at least two boxes, and/or a picture.
  7. You should have transitions/animations between your slides.
    • Don’t over do it. One or two flashy animations are fun. More than that and it gets annoying.
  8. Each slide should have a minimum of text.
    • You should not have everything you say about the slide written out in full.
    • Use bullet points.
    • Expand on your bullet points when you present.
  9. When you present your PowerPoint show,
    • Face the class.
    • Don’t read the screen behind you. This is boring to watch.
    • Look at the faces of the people you’re talking to. See how they’re reacting.
James Dykstra,
Dec 1, 2010, 6:28 AM