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O Canada Choir

Sometimes people complain that the version of O Canada that gets played on the PA system isn't a good one, or is boring, or needs to be replaced. Here's your chance to create a better version.

Part 1

  1. Start up Audacity.
  2. Download the O Canada file at the bottom of this assignment and load it into Audacity.
  3. Plug in your USB mic.
  4. Plug in headphones or earbuds (you can borrow some from the library if you need to).
  5. Play the music through the headphones and sing O Canada into the mic.
  6. Play it back.  
  7. If it's good, export it all as a MP3 file.
    • You'll need lame_enc.dll to this. This file is in the folder that's been shared with you.
  8. Upload it to a shared folder on Google Drive.

Part 2

  1. Download several versions of other people singing O Canada, as least five others for a total of at least six.
  2. Start up Audacity.
  3. Load the different versions in, each on its own track.
  4. Move the tracks, as necessary, so they all start at the same time.
  5. Alter the individual voices, as necessary, to raise or lower the pitch so the voices all seem to be singing together in harmony.
  6. Alter the volume of individual voices, as necessary, so no one voice dominates the singing.
  7. Export it all as an MP3.

O Canada.mp3
Apr 12, 2019, 6:08 AM