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Eating a Sandwich

For this assignment you are going to need a piece of food, perhaps a cookie or a sandwich. Read all the instructions BEFORE you start.
  1. Make sure your camera is plugged and ready to roll.
  2. Start up Stop Motion Animator.
    • Make sure that your camera is set to take 15 frames per second.
    • Check to see that it's saving to your flash drive.
      • Don't save to the H: drive or My Documents. There is not enough space and your file will be lost.
  3. Set up your sandwich on a piece of paper and mark its location in an inconspicuous way.
  4. Position the camera so it can see the whole sandwich.
  5. Shoot a few frames.
  6. Take a small bite and replace the sandwich on the sheet.
  7. Shoot a few more frames. Replace the sandwich on the sheet.
  8. Take another small more bite.
  9. Shoot a few more frames.
  10. Repeat this process until the whole sandwich is gone.
  11. Your whole video should take about 30 seconds which is a total of 15 frames per second times 30 seconds or 450 frames.
  12. If you're wondering how you're going to stretch out the eating of one sandwich for 450 shots, consider having the sandwich move (dance), possibly meet up with other things on the desk, and generally act animated. If you do enough silly things, 450 shots is gone before you know it. You can make it interesting.
  13. Considering that it takes 15 frames to make up one second, each movement should be a very small one. Each bite should be a small one.


 At least 30 seconds
 Movement/eating is smooth/fluid
Is it fun to watch? Do unusual things happen?

James Dykstra,
Mar 21, 2011, 3:10 PM