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Storyboarding and Building a Simple Game

  1. You are going to use Game Building Software as found on the Construct 2 website.
    • You can either 
      • Downoad the game and save it to your flash drive and extract it You can run the program directly from your flash drive. (You do have a flash drive, don't you?))
      • OR use the version provided on the computer.
  2. The first day you should simply play with the program to learn what it's capable of doing.
  3. With the Lite edition of the program (the version you don't have to pay for) you are actually able to create a fairly elaborate game. There are several tutorials on the Download page. With the Lite version of the program, you are able to work through the first three of these.
  4. What you're going to need to do first (after getting the feel of the game) is to storyboard what you're going to do.
    • You know the drill.
    • 10 frames.
    • Handed in before you start making the game.
      • This is an easy 5 marks. You want to do it well.
  5. On the Construct 2 site there are tutorials to help you build your game. 
  6. The marking is really simple.
    1. Put together a nice maze with your initials built into the maze. (4 marks)
      • This will show it's your maze. Incredibly, some people have tried to pass other people's games off as their own.
    2. Create a working figure that can shoot and destroy other randomly moving figures. (3 marks)
    3. Create more than one level including the exit from one level and the entrance to the next (3 marks)
  7. Other people's games.
  8. Even more people's games