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Discussing through the Semester

  1. I've set up a discussion board at  Quaecumque. Your login there is the same as your login for your Wingsmail account.  
  2. Each week I'm going to post a discussion item there and you need respond to it, or respond to someone's response in a thoughtful, 
  3. It will be your job to write a 100-200 word response to the article or to someone else's post. In other words, you need to say something a little bit more thoughtful than, "Dude, I agree."
  4. Be polite. Even if you think someone else has said something really dumb, or even if you think the topic is dumb, be polite.
  5. One intelligent post per week. When I say intelligent, that means you're using complete sentences with properly spelled words. If you want to laugh out loud, don't LOL but do laugh out loud. This is  not texting so good form matters.


 Well written. Properly composed sentences. Intelligent thoughts. Witty comments. 5
 Some grammatical errors. Otherwise okay.  4
 Few original ideas but otherwise well done 3
The post is riddled with errors. Lots of mistakes. Poorly thought out ideas. 2
 A mess. Poor grammar. Poorly thought out ideas. Little or nothing communicated. 1
 Not done at all 0