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Collaborative Writing

  • Using the username and password provided, you are going to login at Asperand's Google Docs site.
  • You will be assigned a partner with whom you will write a story.
    • The story will be about 500 words and must be coherent and in good taste.
  • The problem of course is that your partner will be in a different part of the room.
    • You may not talk to the partner.
    • You may only communicate by using Google Docs documents.
  • The person
    • closest to the back (first priority)
    • or closest to the door if there's a tie will start the story.
  • That person will then share the document will the partner, allowing that person to edit it.
    • You should also share it with me ( and Mrs. Davison (
  • You should both write in different colors so we can see what you each did.
  • If you're doing it properly, each of you will contribute roughly equal amounts to the story.
  • If you succeed in writing a decent story, you get full marks.