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Spreadsheets can be used to simplify mathematical calculations. 
  • For example, in a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Excel), in cell a1 (the cell in the top left) type in number 12. In the cell beside it (b1) type 1, then in the next cell (c1) type 6.
  • In the fourth cell over (d1), you are going to add up those numbers. 
  • To do that, you need to type an formula into the cell. 
    • Your formula will be typed in the formula bar at the top of the spreadsheet.
    • Formulas always start with an = sign.
    • Then you need to add all the cells together Your formula in d1 will look like   =a1+b1+c1
    • When you hit enter (or return) the cell will display the answer to the equation.
    • If you made a mistake and want to edit the equation, click on the cell and then change the equation in the formula bar
  • There is an easier to way to add things up which is with functions A function simply automates the counting. The function to add things up is called sum.
    • So instead of typing in -a1+b1+c1  you could type in =sum(a1:c1)  which is the sum of your first cell counted all the way to your last cell.
    • Go ahead and try it.
  • Try doing something similar in a different row using other functions like mean (average), mode (most frequently occurring number), or median (the number in middle of a string of numbers).
  • Practice using functions by doing Lesson 5.