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Building a Timeline

Using Excel, you are going to create a timeline. It may be events in Canadian history, or in your own life, or in some imaginary society
  1. Your timeline should have 20 dates.
  2. It should have three rows.
    1. Row One should have brief summary of the event.
    2. Row Two should give the date.
    3. Row Three should give a longer description of the event.
  3. Your rows need to be formatted.
    1. Row One should be tilted at 45%.
    2. Row Two should be colored some color other than white. The text in this row must remain readable.
    3. Row Three should be set up perpendicular to Row Two, with the text reading from the bottom to the top. Make sure to enable text wrapping.
  4. To change the angle of the text in cells (and to get text to wrap) you're going to need to go to the Home Tab, then the Format menu under the Cells area, then the Cells menu, then Format Cells and finally to the Alignment tab.
  5. To get an idea what the finished assignment might look like, click on the picture on the right. That will make it larger and let you see more details.
  6. Pretty simple, huh?
James Dykstra,
Nov 25, 2011, 10:13 AM