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O Canada

Sometimes people complain that the version of O Canada that gets played on the PA system isn't a good one, or is boring, or needs to be replaced. Here's your chance to create a better version.

  1. Start up Audacity.
  2. Download the O Canada file at the bottom of this assignment and load it into Audacity.
  3. Plug in your USB mic.
  4. Play the music and sing O Canada with one or two additional people.
  5. Play it back. 
  6. What went wrong?
  7. Now try plugging headphones into the computer.
  8. While wearing headphones, play O Canada and sing into the mic.
  9. Play it back.
  10. Adjust the volume levels of the music and the singing. The music should be quieter than the singing. 
  11. Export it all as a WAV file.
  12. Can you also create and export an a capella version?
O Canada.mp3
James Dykstra,
Jan 8, 2018, 6:05 AM