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Kindergarten Videos

You are going to create some videos to help the kindergarten kids. They need to be fairly simple, but also lively, and fairly quickly paced since they have short attention spans. 


  1. Provinces of Canada and a city in the region. 
    • What's life like for people who live there?
  2. Animals of Canada. 
    • Either look at one animal, or a few animals from the same region or climate zone.
    • Some information videos are found at Hinterland Who's Who.
  3. Insects in Canada. 
  4. Different Canadian cultural groups.
  5. The story of the Canadian flag.
  6. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


3 or 4 people per group. Not more than that.

Length of the video

10-15 minutes

What you need to do

  1. Do a bit of research on the topic you choose. 
    • How much do you need to know to fill the time? Count on having at least a few pages of notes.
  2. Create a storyboard. 
    • You can find paper to make a storyboard on this site
    • Be sure to not only draw a picture, but provide a description..
    • Break it down into at least 10 sections.
    • How long will each segment of your plan take? Indicate the amount of time.
    • Each segment should be short and snappy. Young kids don't have a long attention span.
  3. Decide on the props you'll need.
    • This should be more than just you talking in front of the camera.
  4. Search for royalty-free background images or videos..
    • If you want to talk about beetles, you need pictures of beetles.
    • Pixabay is a great place to start.
    • Pexels and Mazwai are great places for background videos.
  5. Search for royalty-free sound effects to include with your video.
    • Try Free Sound and the Sound Bible (links in the sidebar).
  6. Search for royalty free music you can use in the background.
  7. Film your video.
  8. Distribute the video files to the members of your group.
  9. Each person in your group should edit their own version of it.
  10. You should have titles at the beginning and credits at the end.
    • The credits should include the source and author of your sound and picture or video files.


Evidence of research /5
Storyboard /5
List of props and where they'll come from /5
List of pictures and where they come from/5
List of music and where it comes from /5
Actual Video including
  • Title screens
  • A clear progression similar to the storyboard
  • Cuts from one scene/image/video to another, ie, different scenes
  • Credits including actors, pictures, and music