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Get into a Good Book

For the final photo editing assignment, you're going to create a picture for the library based on one of the following themes:
  • Get into a book
  • Dive into reading
  • Curl up with a book
  • Reading take us places
  • Reading is cool
You're going to take a shot of you or a friend, and, using the techniques from the previous two photo editing assignment, that person is going to be placed in a photo that shows one of the above themes.

Use any of the GIMP techniques that we've covered to illustrate someone getting into a book, diving into reading, etc. Be creative and try to take the slogans literally.

This photos may get placed on a bulletin board by the librarians.


  • Creativity (3)
  • Literalness of image compared to the slogan (3)
  • Seamlessness of photographic editing. (4)