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Erasing the Background

You've worked through Inspired by... and learned a bit about how to use GIMP. Today, we're going to build on that.
  1. Take a picture of someone. 
  2. Load that picture into GIMP and remove the background. You remember how to do that, right?
    • In the File menu you Open the picture.
    • Then in the Layers menu you pick Transparency and then Add Alpha Channel.
    • Using the Rectangle or Circle tools, cut out the background. You can use the Lasso  to remove content around tougher corners.
    • Under the File menu pick Save As and save the file as a PNG.
  3. If you have done this successfully, you have an image of one person without a background.
  4. Now you need to pick a background.
    • The background can be a photo you've taken, or one you're legally allowed to use like something from Pixabay or MorgueFile.
  5. Open the background picture in GIMP using the File and then the Open commands.
  6. Open your picture of the person who has no background. To do this, in the File menu, pick Open as Layer.
  7. You should be able to position your person anywhere you want in the background.
  8. You can finish it off as a PNG. Pretty simple, eh?

The Assignment

  1. You're going to do what was described above, except...
    • Your person is going to be in the photo at least 3 times. That's right, 3 different images of the same person against the same background.
    • You might want to have that person wear a different shirt, or something, in order to stand out.
    • They could be posed differently: standing, sitting, lying, or maybe kneeling.
  2. The three images of the same person should be distinctly different pictures. You are NOT just using the same picture multiple times.
  3. The background should be someplace exotic, perhaps a lake, a jungle, or in a far away city.


  • 3 different images of the subject.
  • Subjects placed in ways that make sense.
    • Not underwater without scuba gear, etc.
  • A different background on which the subjects are placed. Not a picture from at school or home.