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Models for class

3D Modelling can also let you create models you'd use in your other courses. Your job is to build a model that could (in theory) be used in one of your Grade 9 courses.

You can pick one of the ideas below to create a 3D model in Sculptris.
  • Social Studies
    • a historical figure
    • a historical statue like the Vimy Ridge memorial
    • a poppy (the whole flower, not just the pin you wear on your jacket)
  • Geography
    • the Eiffel Tower
    • the Statue of Liberty
    • London Bridge
    • the Canadian Parliament Building (Centre Block)
  • Science
    • a strand of DNA
    • an atom 
      • with at least 5 protons. 
      • Include electron orbits
    • a cell cross section
      • with mitochondria, nucleus, etc. 
  • Choir/Band
    • a measure of music
    • a tuba
  • English/Drama
    • an amphitheatre
    • the sign on the hills above Hollywood
  • BIble
    • a cherubim
    • a part of the Old Testament temple or tabernacle
  • Art
  • Math

When building it you're trying for

  1. Realism
    • Does it look realistic or does it look like a cartoon?
    • Can you supply an original picture or story that you're working from so that you know the details are accurate?
  2. Research
    • Did you find out what your item looks like? 
    • Or did you make it up? 
    • Can you show me the passage, picture, story, or film that acts as your model?
  3. Attention to detail
    • Do you see hints of the small details? For example, do you see any hint of the gargoyles on the Parliament building?


Is there a model/picture/description supplied on which the sculpture is based? /2
Does the product look reasonably close to the original? /2
Are fine details present? /3
Is it appropriately painted/colored in a realistic way? /2
Can it be recognized by someone not familiar with the project? /1
 Total /10

James Dykstra,
Nov 6, 2017, 6:08 AM