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Traditional 2-D Animation

  1. You are going to create an animation  in the old Disney style.
  2. Based on your storyboard, you will draw out a 10 second animation.
  3. You are going to do this at a frame rate of 10 frames per second.
  4. This means you'll have a total of 100 frames when you're done.
  5. Each frame will be subtly different from the one before it in order to create the illusion of smooth movement.
  6. When your pictures are done, you will shoot each one with a camera.
  7. You'll then string them together in video editing software such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere, or Movie Maker to create a short animation.


 6 9 10
Successfully drew 100 frames. Neat. Tidy. Easy to understand. B/W 100 frames over 10 seconds. Animated. Video is very similar to original storyboard Video makes use of spot color Video displays other surprising elements, Unexpected polish, use of color, etc.