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The Commission

Part Un

Today you're going to create a website banner using Swish. So, before you do anything, open Swish Max.

Take a look at the site for which you're going to create a banner.

It should:
  1. Include the name of the website.
  2. Include the URL of the website.
    • This one is easy. Hopefully we can get the link working.
  3. Include some degree of animation.
    • You want to make it exciting without making people sick.
  4. Include colors that compliment the current color scheme of the site.
  5. Reflect the current feel of the website.
When you're done, put your banner up on your website. Get one of your classmates to critique your banner. Based on that critique, attempt to improve it.

Part Deux

  1. You will assigned a teacher for whom you will develop a banner.
  2. You are going to create two sample banners for this individual. 
  3. They should include the name of the site, and the URL.
  4. The colors should be compliment the site color scheme.
  5. There should be some animation, but not so much that it makes you queasy.