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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Technology

Sometimes you create an animation that is complex enough that you want to use it over and over rather than recreate it each time you need it.
  1. Create an animation with more than one object moving. It could be something simple like two circles bouncing up and down.
  2. Under the file menu, pick Save or Save As and save the projet as a .swi file type.
  3. Under the file menu pick New and get set to create a new movie.
  4. Create a short movie in a similar manner to what you did in the 1st step (but at least a bit different, of course).
  5. Once again, export it as a .swi file.
  6. Now, start a new movie again. Under the File  and then the Import to Stage menus, pick Animation and bring your clips into your movie.
  7. You should end up one bigger movie composed of the two smaller clips.

The Task

  1. You should create two animated clips that you'll use in later assignments. 
    • One should be of clouds going by in the sky. 
    • The other should be of the sun gently twinkling.
    • The clips should be exported separately for later use.

The Evaluation (for each clip)

At least 25 frames5
At least 5 key frames 5
At least two different groups of objects 2

James Dykstra,
Jan 5, 2015, 8:49 AM