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Challenge Video

We live in interesting times.

Online (Instagram and other places) Josh has been trying to post videos to encourage us during uncertainty.

This class is about learning to create videos.

Maybe we could create an encouraging video?

Theme: Encouragement

That could be quite a few things but some suggestions from Josh are
  • stay positive
  • be healthy
  • phone your grandma/grandpa
  • pray for people
It could be directly Biblically based if you want. Some suggested verses are below with links to the verse on Bible Gateway: 
It doesn't have to be any of those themes. It could just be something bright and silly that would lift someone's spirits, and maybe give them a laugh.


  • 10 to 20 seconds
  • 12 frames per second
  • That means it's about 120-240 frames in total.


  • Whatever you're comfortable with. You've all got unique and interesting approaches to animating and I think you should do what seems natural to you.


Some would be nice in order to draw attention to certain important elements in your video.

To sum up...

  • 10 seconds +
  • 12 frames per second
  • With at least splashes of color, or spot color.
  • Using your own unique style.