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Animating Multiple Objects

The Task

Today (after starting up Swish Max) you're going to create a fabulous animated fireworks display..

  1. From a central point on your stage, create a small star and animate it so that it zips away from that point and disappears off the side of the stage.
  2. Copy that star, and position the copy a bit to the side of the original.
    • Set it off by a few frames so that it starts just a bit later than the original.
  3. Keep copying and altering the stars until you've got about 10 coming from a central point.
  4. Group them together. You may be asked to convert your objects into a movie clip in order to keep the motion effects. Do this.
  5. Copy the group and place it so that fireworks explosions seem to be coming from multiple locations.
  6. In a nutshell, you're trying for to make this animation look like Canada fireworks, so if you can add some color, etc, that would be great.